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If you are needing to sell your home fast but finding the whole process overwhelming or stressful,

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My message to sellers is that Staging is not about spending their Money but about making an investment in their property that they will get back many times over.


Get out of overwhelm and into peace of mind

Needing to sell your home fast but finding the whole process overwhelming and stressful?

Staging is the art of de-personalizing your home and highlighting its best features to make it appealing to the broadest range of potential buyers. This technique has proven to be the most effective way to sell quickly and for the highest possible price

Home Staging can make all the difference when selling a home; it helps prospective buyers fall in love with it.

With you capitalizing on our training and experience, your home will be transformed to be made more appealing and be admired by the right buyer. You will find we will bring a new and often different perspective and objective eye that will ensure your home is staged and ready for sale in order to sell faster and for your asking or higher listed price.

What is Home Staging?

With home sellers competing at unprecedented levels, boosting the chances of getting a home sold quickly can be crucial. Many home sellers turn to home staging to gain an edge on the competition.

Home staging is more than just preparing a home for sale; it’s about marketing your home to the masses. According to the National Association of Realtors, staged homes sell for about six percent more, on average, than those not staged. When a home stays on the market, the price goes down. Staged homes sell faster, which means they’re less likely to be subjected to a reduction in price.

The concept of home staging will be a hard pill to swallow for many homeowners who have put heart and soul into their home. But the key to staging properly is to remove the personal association with your house. You need to see your home as a commodity and let the emotional attachment go. For proper staging, the picture in the mind of potential buyers must be that it could be their home.

Part of the staging process is removing the clutter that makes your home “cozy,” but might turn a prospective buyer off. Personal items like pictures, family heirlooms and other trinkets reflect your own personal style. Potential buyers may have the same taste—or they may not. Your home must appeal to as many people as possible.

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